The Social Paradigm

"The key to getting ahead in this hyper-competitive world is to have an open mind. Open your mind to new things, tools, techniques and tactics. Improve the ability to adopt a personal leadership model with the brain at its core."

The foundation of all business-related conditions depends upon two things – people and ability to connect!

Hana Guenzl

The Social Paradigm

It’s a new opportunity for you to explore who you are, and who you want to be, and a set of tools to get you there.

  • Is Your Brand Lights Switch on a Full Power?
  • Fire Up Your Brand: Create Meaningful Experience

This Deep Vision video introduces training programmes - that will arm you with a positive reinforcement to generate greater ROI (return on investment) through your Brand. 

Accelerate your career or business - your Brand deserves it.

“Informative and thought provoking.  Hana’s passion for branding is addictive.” 

Sarah-Anne Evans , Sydney

“Hana is a passionate presenter with a deep knowledge of branding which rubs off on you.”

Geoff Grist, Sydney

"Enjoyed Hana’s story telling."

Emma Veiga-Malta, Sydney

“I really enjoyed your inspiring storytelling full of great examples from the inner child that resides in each of us.  It is up to us to invoke it and find the meaning why we’re here. Your talk actually made me feel, like having a personal chat over a coffee with my dearest friend. Thank you for that. Your words left me confident that I can do it.” 

Belinda Carmichael London Executive Leadership

“You’re an irresistible storyteller … enjoyed its essence spiced with your pearls of wisdom. It changes the listener in a positive way. Thank you Hana.”

Michael Newton CFO San Francisco

“Hana’s storytelling mentoring sessions taught us new ways how to get deep insights into why our customers buy from us and how to turn this knowledge into brand voice touch points into ‘be seen, be heard, be trusted.’ Building customer-centric relationships and what’s required. It reduces the risk of wasting precious innovation time and marketing dollars.”

Jan Prochazka, BDM at Natural Clinic, Karlsbad


Hana Guenzl, Black Dot Gallery and Deep Vision have been featured in:

The City Weekly, Apparel, Fashion Journal, Australian Beauty, Sunday Telegraph, The North Shore Times, SMH, The ManlyDaily, Ragtrader, Art Gallery Guide, Ruby Connection, Channel 7 - ‘Today Tonight’, Channel 9 – ‘My House’, One Dubai TVChannel, Dubai Radio, Emirates magazines in the Gulf and Middle East regions, and Russia, Los Angeles e360TV and Sir Richard Branson #1 Best Seller book “THINK BIG” – Insights from Sir Richard Branson and international Thought Leaders to name a few.


Deep Vision provided services to companies in both the B2B and B2C markets on a national and global level.

Clients amongst others have been Faber Castell, Peroni Beer, Levendi Jewellery, Percy Marks, QVB, McGrath Foundation, Allambie Wines, Barrier Reef, SC&VB, Westpac, Ruby Connection, Deloitte, Austrade, NSW Department of Industry.


AWI – Egypt; Cultural and Educational programme

Dubai, DHL - UAE Australian fashion trade fairs (for two years)

Dubai, UAE various shopping centres

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