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One of the questions I am often asked is – How did you get started in all this?

Although you and I have never met, I would like to start a conversation between us. I thrive on meeting people like you, be it online or offline. I believe that every person I meet is my teacher and knows at least one thing I don’t.

I have been an entrepreneur all my life. My earliest memory of this goes back to the tender age of four. I was an outgoing, very curious and open-minded child always full of ideas of building an enterprise one day for the good of mankind. I was the hero of my own story.

Entrepreneurial success didn’t happen at that time, but much later in my teens life took on an unusual twist of fate. It might sound a bit dramatic to you; I guess drama is at the source of a successful story.
Heroism is more about courage and the confidence to embark on the unknown journey, with an open mind and curiosity to learn.

Let's go back to where it all began... 

When I was four years old, my parents used to read me heroic stories at bedtime, usually about travel to far away places and the hero using his genius for the good of mankind. I was totally absorbed in these journeys. There was the excitement of it all, visiting places in the different parts of the world, scenarios of exciting adventures, and of many players. I was mesmerized by different parts of the world, about nature, animals, people’s cultures, overcoming life’s hurdles and importantly, the courageous hero always saved the day.

I announced at the dinner table one evening that I had decided heroic adventure would be my ‘true calling’.

But my mood changed when I was told that ‘you are only a little girl, need money to finance the adventure and don’t have the know how to make it a reality.’

I am sure you will recognise what I am talking about …

After a discussion with my imaginary heroic friend, an action plan formed in my mind, before I fell asleep. Every Wednesday, my mother and I travelled on a tram to meet her friends for a regular lunch. Although, it was a very busy day, the tram was full of commuters but I spotted two vacant seats next to a well-dressed man. I asked my mother if we can sit there, and got comfortable next to him. I immediately imagined this was my big opportunity to launch my plan.

I flashed him a smile and curiously asked – what do you, do as you look like such an important person.

He gave me an inquisitive look and asked why do I want to know. Then I shared my heroic true calling idea with him. I spoke so vividly, with such passion, he could feel it, he could see it - it was like painting a story with watercolours, he said. He smiled back, agreed to count him in, as he knew the how, but the money was a hurdle. I explained that was being taken care of: My father called me his Princess, and I was going to auction the title in exchange for the money and as an added bonus the gentleman could adopt me; surely such a bargain could not be refused. Do I have his word to shake on it? I knew from the stories read to me this is how genuine deals were made.
Unfortunately, my mother was so embarrassed by my entrepreneurial pitch to this stranger, that she rang the next stop bell and made me exit the tram. It only hardened my ambition.

In my late teens, I emigrated to Sydney, Australia to stay with my uncle and auntie, whom I had never met. You would think an easy task to accomplish, so what’s the fuss. But, because Australia was a country with a different language, culture, lifestyle and climate, it was quite heroic from where I stood. It took some guts to do just that...

“Your storytelling and passion which you present is captivating.  Provides remarkable insight, wisdom, and practical advice about creating an extraordinary brand experience. Thank you Hana, it was both inspiring and sublimely practical.”

Leo Blumenthal CEO Nevada

“When I was in California I met the amazing Hana Guenzl who lives in Sydney Australia between the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera house. Hana is a Story Teller and my goodness she is mesmerising. Hana has sparked a light within me. I now realise that we are all living our own story, our own movie, our own life. We are the stars of our own story and own movie. We also have control of our life story.  My question is - are you living and loving your current chapter? If not that’s okay - you have the power to start your next chapter Now. Thank you Hana.”

Mel Rosamond Facebook

“What an amazing brand expertise you showed on the Q&A panel at e360TV LAX2017 conference. Our son, a 15 year old was captivated by your storytelling that all of us have the extraordinary code within us, waiting to be released. Gaining insights into who you are – and who you are not, and what to do about it. Thank you for the moment and experience.”

Bruce and Elaine Duct, Kansas City

“Your talk has been outstanding. Your blend of humour, your passion for branding and thought provoking content was the right climax to my attending the conference.”

Lesley White, Los Angeles e360TV LAX 2017 New Modern Media

“So true every time I show up I meet some incredible people just like when I showed up at the Fast Track event - Sheraton LAX in October 2017.  I got to hear you speak Hana and you were amazing. I got to meet you and learn how wonderful you are and cannot wait to get a NAFE going in Australia.

Robbie Motter Facebook

“Hana’s storytelling mentoring sessions taught us new ways how to get deep insights into why our customers buy from us and how to turn this knowledge into brand voice touch points into ‘be seen, be heard, be trusted.’ Building customer-centric relationships and what’s required. It reduces the risk of wasting precious innovation time and marketing dollars.”

Jan Prochazka, BDM at Natural Clinic, Karlsbad

“Enthusiasm puts a smile on your face. I met a lady from Australia, Hana Guenzl, and we became instant friends. I generally get to know people by asking questions, and I’m well prepared in case I meet someone I want to know. I asked Hana, “What is the most important piece of advice you would give someone?” Without any hesitation she said, “You’re not fully dressed without a smile.” I couldn’t agree more.  This is one thing we can all use to show our zeal for life… enthusiasm.” Thank you Hana!

Lori Raupe, Lori Raupe Enterprises, Los Angeles
The author of #1 International Best Seller
“Create Butterfly Moments… Become the person you were meant to be”

“I really enjoyed your inspiring storytelling full of great examples from the inner child that resides in each of us.  It is up to us to invoke it and find the meaning why we’re here. Your talk actually made me feel, like having a personal chat over a coffee with my dearest friend. Thank you for that. Your words left me confident that I can do it.” 

Belinda Carmichael London Executive Leadership

... a challenge at first, but by assimilating one step at a time I never stopped being curious and open-minded in trying new opportunities to gain experience in life. Hence my first job, as a hosiery shop girl in an upmarket store in Sydney. Best way to learn the language, culture and lifestyle of my adopted country.

From studying business and computers, working in a multinational IT company, my career took off. From an internship in a computer room to learning leadership, then training, running roadshow events and marketing, I became a software/business consultant, project managing development and implementation on national and international levels.

I became a software/business consultant, project managing development and implementation on national and international levels.

Step by step, I gained the foundation to stand on my own feet and decided to change my career from corporates to a personal business. I took on branding courses from experts in graphic design, including of human psychology and behaviour, and then set up my own Deep Vision branding boutique agency in 1997. I felt I could use my influence for good in this way.


Mercedes Fashion Week

A few other accomplishments along the way included working at MFW with the NSW SRD, when I was hired as a PR for an educational and cultural trip of fashion students to Egypt, acquiring their sponsorship from AWI.

Dubai Fashion Launch

I launched a selection of Australian fashion in Dubai, acquired a sponsorship from Dubai-based DHL and its success earned me a personal commendation letter from the NSW Governor. The sponsorship and launch was heard and promoted on Dubai radio interviews, seen on Fashion TV channels and articles were published in the Australian, New Zealand media as well as Emirates media.

Indigenous Artists and Image Programs

I took indigenous artists abroad to festivals, by organizing their sponsorship - ran personal brand and image programs, both abroad and on national level, as well as representing companies at trade fairs.

Black Dot Art Gallery

At the same time, my interest in art led me to set up my own Black Dot Art Gallery helping emerging artists. And I even had a hand in foreign tour guiding in Australia, for three years. There are plenty of stories to tell from this experience.

Los Angeles New Modern Media Conference

I participated as a panel branding expert at the e360TV LAX2017 - ‘New Modern Media’, being a keynote speaker ‘How to create an AHA Brand’ at the Celebrity Fast Track event in Los Angeles, and have been a keynote speaker at various national and international educational and business events to inspire and motivate the participants.

Amongst other ‘pay it forward’ events in the community: I staged a successful pro-bono charity event for McGrath Foundation,
‘Spring has Arrived’

I was one of the main speakers and co-organizer at the Westpac Bank launch of ‘Women in Business’. Donated Australian made gifts to the Taronga Conservation Society, the well-known Zoo on the Sydney Harbour.

I’ve written a personal brand chapter in Sir Richard Branson #1 Best Seller” book “Think Big” – being insights from Sir Richard Branson and international thought leaders. Published February 2019. I am currently working on two of my mastery of life books.

There were challenges, and these not only made me stronger, but also helped me discover my potential in life and its purpose and also opened up unimaginable horizons to my living on this planet.
I had a colourful life, and the acquired experiences along the journey not only shaped my life, but all taught me valuable lessons that made me, who I am, today.

As I say:

Be the hero of your own master story, called life, and ignite your inner fire towards the dream you have.”
I am dedicated to helping you to build a link to become a savvy leader in brand and lifestyle management. By unlocking your potential for success in life, discover your brand value and regain a sense of purpose. Together we solve the key challenges and turn you or your team into a community which dramatically contributes to your bottom line.

Your personal brand is an asset and should be treated as such: learn how to profit from the value of your extraordinary brand.

Matching the lock and key: Are you looking for something to unlock?

Let's together unlock the door to open the infinite potential that resides within you waiting to be discovered. When you are able to be you and get closer to that essence, then you have no competition.

You can contact me to learn more about personal branding and what is the secret of how to leverage your brand ROI. I will get back to you within three days of the form receipt.

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Hana Guenzl, Black Dot Gallery and Deep Vision have been featured in:

The City Weekly, Apparel, Fashion Journal, Australian Beauty, Sunday Telegraph, The North Shore Times, SMH, The ManlyDaily, Ragtrader, Art Gallery Guide, Ruby Connection, Channel 7 - ‘Today Tonight’, Channel 9 – ‘My House’, One Dubai TVChannel, Dubai Radio, Emirates magazines in the Gulf and Middle East regions, and Russia, Los Angeles e360TV and Sir Richard Branson #1 Best Seller book “THINK BIG” – Insights from Sir Richard Branson and international Thought Leaders to name a few.


Deep Vision provided services to companies in both the B2B and B2C markets on a national and global level.

Clients amongst others have been Faber Castell, Peroni Beer, Levendi Jewellery, Percy Marks, QVB, McGrath Foundation, Allambie Wines, Barrier Reef, SC&VB, Westpac, Ruby Connection, Deloitte, Austrade, NSW Department of Industry.


AWI – Egypt; Cultural and Educational programme

Dubai, DHL - UAE Australian fashion trade fairs (for two years)

Dubai, UAE various shopping centres

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