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Brand Masters

The growth of the Internet has made the world smaller.

It has not only empowered consumers to share their opinions and influence behaviour, but has also reset the new world of work.

The world has gone through a massive transformation, seasoned with the advancement of new technology (AI, Robotics, AR, VR etc.) the why, where and how we work has also significantly changed, both for the present and future workforce and keeping in mind the generational diversity that will impact the new world of work.

That is why the 4B Brand model concept
Be - Become - Belong - Bond™
came to light.

I am the founder of the branding model and it is the Agency’s ethos and is used as the strategic tool and vehicle for individual brand imaging, leading and managing thriving teams.

All of these 4 pillars are equally important not only to the individual, but also to business, as they are the keys to culture change.  It is the rules of belonging and bonding that are more important to humans than what’s shown on the Maslow hierarchy.  Aligning passion, purpose and making a difference with a sense of belonging and bonding is the new world of work which needs to be considered for the present but also for the future generation.

Why Branding?

Branding is the power-tool of human persuasion, because it is based on emotion and perception: it can induce trust and familiarity. TRUST is the core of human psychology and has also been voiced as the number one decision-making factor by Harvard Business Review as part of their global business survey. Personal branding is not a new concept, though it is something you have to pay attention to now, because of:

  • The pressure of today’s economy
  • The rise of competition in the employment and global market
  • The acceptance of social media with ever-evolving technologies, for both business and personal use
  • Your connection with each other in an open and personal manner due to the Internet and the cultural growth of society.
Brand Masters Programme
Is 4 B personal Branding for you?

YES, because it unlocks your full potential. You become the savvy leader in brand and lifestyle management. You manage your career as a business market value.


YES, because a brand is based on emotions and people relate emotionally to a human being not to a company logo or a business name.

Personal branding is an ongoing progression which continues throughout your entire lifecycle.  What works today may not work tomorrow.  The world changes. Your goals may change.  The only constant is the change.

So how do you enhance your personal ‘market value’ without suppressing your ever-evolving human identities?

It is possible, because a brand is not what it says but what it does - creating brand experiences, either in real time, or in the form of a memory or promise.  A brand package can become a proof-validating portfolio, with supporting endorsements.  The communication is then related to a product or service delivering value to the targeted audience.

It is up to you to be the game-changer.  Don’t be branded by an empty personal impressions or selfie transacting your life story on the web.

To stand out is less about being different and more about making a difference through your work, not your self.

Hana Guenzl Brand Masters

Open your intuitive mind, by discovering masterful ways in which you can connect with your audience, and lets you overcome fear; together we debrief the map by unlocking the potential within and help you become the person you are meant to be.  Make a Difference.

Tap the Power of YOU:

Your Brand Voice

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Open your team’s intuitive mind, by discovering masterful ways in which your team can connect with your audience, synchronising the personal and business sense of purpose and using the structure of the story to help generate new ideas which dramatically contribute to the bottom line.  Make a Difference.

Fire Up Your Business Inside Out: Is Your Team and Business in Synergy?

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Hana Guenzl Butler

Your appearance communicates your message before you even say a word.  It is easier to make a great first impression with your appearance and style, and then follow up by showing what a capable and trustworthy person you are with a winning performance.

“there is a Butler in
Your Closet”

More information about these game changing opportunities coming soon...


Hana Guenzl, Black Dot Gallery and Deep Vision have been featured in:

The City Weekly, Apparel, Fashion Journal, Australian Beauty, Sunday Telegraph, The North Shore Times, SMH, The ManlyDaily, Ragtrader, Art Gallery Guide, Ruby Connection, Channel 7 - ‘Today Tonight’, Channel 9 – ‘My House’, One Dubai TVChannel, Dubai Radio, Emirates magazines in the Gulf and Middle East regions, and Russia, Los Angeles e360TV and Sir Richard Branson #1 Best Seller book “THINK BIG” – Insights from Sir Richard Branson and international Thought Leaders to name a few.


Deep Vision provided services to companies in both the B2B and B2C markets on a national and global level.

Clients amongst others have been Faber Castell, Peroni Beer, Levendi Jewellery, Percy Marks, QVB, McGrath Foundation, Allambie Wines, Barrier Reef, SC&VB, Westpac, Ruby Connection, Deloitte, Austrade, NSW Department of Industry.


AWI – Egypt; Cultural and Educational programme

Dubai, DHL - UAE Australian fashion trade fairs (for two years)

Dubai, UAE various shopping centres

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